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      What's in your skincare?

      Ours contains only good-for-you powerful ingredients including:

      • Probiotics Extracts. These "good-bacteria" help restore and protect the natural balance of your skin while improving hydration and reducing redness and irritation. These are not live cultures and don't require refrigeration.

      • Plant Stem Cells  - Stem cells promote the growth of new skin cells and combat chronological aging.

      • Peptides  - Encourages the production of collagen and signals skin to repair itself.

      • Antioxidant Vitamins  - Protect skin from UV light, pollution and other environmental elements that produce damaging free radicals.

      • Aloe Vera  - Our main ingredient is known as a miracle gel when it comes to skincare and is the best delivery system for our active ingredients.

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      Soak it all in!

      Did you know you can absorb more toxins from skincare products than from food?

      Yes, skincare products going directly into your bloodstream versus food that is broken down first by your digestive system. Ongaro Beauty Pro-Care products are organic and contain no harmful ingredients.

      • No Toxins

      • No Harsh Chemicals

      • No Gluten

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      Ongaro Beauty Pro-Care™ - The non-toxic, clean beauty brand.