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      Q - What are “Active Ingredients”
      A - It’s the chemically active part of a product that provides a cure, treatment or prevention of disease. In our products, it’s the Probiotic Extracts, Plant Stem Cells and Peptides.

      Q - Why did you use Aloe Vera as the base ingredient instead of water?
      A - Aloe Vera is natures miracle gel when it comes to skin care and is absolutely the best delivery system for our active ingredients. It increases the water content in your skin without making it feel greasy.

      Q - How often can I use the Facial Masque and Sleep Masque?
      A - We recommend using one of the masques 2 - 4 times a week or every other day.

      Q - Why shouldn’t I use a granular scrub on my face?
      A - Few things can make your skin look better than proper exfoliation, but granular scrubs can harm your skin creating little cuts and causing inflammation. Enzyme scrubs detach and digest dead skin naturally and reveal radiant, plump and healthy skin.

      Q - Are there really cosmetic products on the market today that contain toxic ingredients?
      A - Yes, unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t regulate the cosmetic and personal-care product industry. There are hundreds of chemicals in the products you buy today and some are even linked to skin cancer. It was the main reason we created this company.

      Q - Why should I use a sulfate-free shampoo?
      A - Sulfates irritate the scalp and can cause swelling and even damage to your hair follicles. Sulfates also strip away the good oil which makes your hair look shiny. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) can cause immune system damage and even cancer. Stay away from sulfates in your skin, body and hair care products!

      Q - What do Dermatologists say about the use of probiotic extracts in skin care?
      A - Many highly recognized dermatologists have promoted the incredible benefits of probiotic extracts use in skin care. These extracts are not live cultures like those found in most products used for digestion. The probiotic extracts used in skincare products help sooth and balance the skin and protect it from free radicals. In a published review of the emerging personal care category published in, board certified dermatologist and nationally recognized anti-aging expert Dr. Patricia K. Farris “acknowledges that topical probiotic extracts can benefit the skin and suggests that there’s real market potential here.”

      Q - How do I use your Enzyme Exfoliator?
      A - Our exfoliator contains pineapple and grapefruit enzymes that detach and digest dead protein (dead skin cells). First you need to apply the gel to your face and neck area. Then massage it into your skin in a circular motion until you feel and see the dead skin in the form of little white balls. Don’t worry, you cannot over exfoliate as the enzymes will only digest the upper layer or “dead” skin cells. Wash with lukewarm water to reveal radiant, plump and healthy skin.

      Q - How do I use your Hair Mask?
      A - Apply the hair mask after you wash and towel dry your hair. Spread the cream evenly throughout your hair and make sure to massage it into your scalp so it also gets the benefit of the active ingredients. To optimize the mask’s effects, cover your head with a towel for at least 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and dry as normal.