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      Why ONGARO Beauty PRO-CARE

      Aloe Vera base instead of water

      Our base ingredient (Organic Aloe Vera) is considered a miracle gel for skin and helps deliver the active ingredients deep into your skin

      3 Powerful Active Ingredients

      • Probiotic Extracts – accelerates cell renewal
      • Plant Stem Cells – reduce visible wrinkles
      • Peptides – keeps skin plump & firm

      Organic, Clean Beauty with no harmful chemicals

      • No Sulfates
      • No Petrolatum
      • No Parabens
      • No Mineral Oil
      • No Phthalates

      Cruelty-Free – No Animal Testing

      Ongaro Beauty Pro-Care does not perform any animal testing and never will.

      Women-Owned Company

      Ongaro Beauty Pro-Care was founded by a mother and daughter in Texas

      Made in the USA

      Ongaro Beauty products are manufactured in Dallas, Texas, USA

      Why Probiotic Extracts for your Skin

      100% Natural

      Probiotics, known as the good bacteria, occur naturally on the skin

      Accelerates skin cell renewal

      Clinical studies have proven that Probiotic Extracts help accelerate the skin’s natural growth & renewal process

      Restores skin's natural balance

      Probiotics reduce inflammation and form a protective barrier to help balance your skin’s microbiome

      Protects against free radicals

      Probiotics help protect your skin against free radicals caused by the environment and UV rays that can seriously damage your skin