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      Benefits for Skin:

      • Prevents Premature Signs of Aging – helps remove dead cells and improves elasticity.
      • Moisturizes Skin – increases the water content in your skin.
      • Reduces Acne and Evens Skin Tones – is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce acne and speeds healing.
      • Helps with Sunburns – its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness brought on by exposure to UV rays.
      • Reduces Stretch Marks – these small tears of the skin layers can be healed with regular use of Aloe Vera.


      Benefits for Hair:

      • Promotes Hair Growth – helps remove dead skin cells on your scalp which allows your hair to grow.
      • Reduces Dandruff – its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties fight against infections and soothes the scalp.
      • Maintains the pH Balance of the Scalp – alkaline shampoos can alter the pH of your hair, but Aloe helps restores the pH balance.
      • Conditions the Hair – contains proteolytic enzymes that remove dead cells and makes your hair shiny and smooth.