Probiotic Shampoo | Ongaro Beauty 12ozProbiotic Hair Mask | Ongaro Beauty 6oz
  • Probiotic Shampoo | Ongaro Beauty 12oz

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    Invigorating Shampoo for Stronger, Shinier Hair   What It Is: Nourishing, hydrating daily shampoo thoroughly cleanses without stripping essential oils. Color-safe, sulfate-free and pH balanced formula adds volume and shine. Healthy hair starts at the scalp and our shampoo contains...

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  • Probiotic Hair Mask | Ongaro Beauty 6oz

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    Revitalizing Hair Treatment   What It Is: Our fortifying color-safe hair mask helps repair stressed hair and prevents future breakage. Styling tools including curling irons and flat irons can dry hair and create split ends. Our hair mask helps repair...

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